In the film Letter from Masanjia, we experienced the power of a letter. Now it’s your turn. Please write to Prime Minister Trudeau and urge him to help free Canadian Sun Qian. She has been held behind bars in China for more than 18 months for practicing Falun Gong. Like Sun Yi who wrote the SOS note in our documentary, and many like him, she has been subjected to torture and denied her legal rights because of her beliefs.

In February 2017, Sun Qian was abducted from her home and taken into detention. She has been physically beaten and tortured with pepper spray. Eleven different lawyers have all resigned for fear of the repercussions of representing her. With a 7- to 8-year “sentence” looming after a sham trial on Sept. 12, now is an important time to act.

Scroll down to our free automated form that enables you to easily send a pre-written letter to Canadian PM Trudeau. Fill in your address below and then follow the easy steps. When you’re done, please share! You’ll be empowering others to help, too.