Citizens of China are currently being denied the basic freedoms of belief, speech, assembly and press, and can be imprisoned, and even killed for trying to exercise these rights.

Tibetans, Christians, human rights defenders and above all Falun Gong practitioners, like Sun Yi, are targeted for such abuse. The voices of these populations are so rarely heard due to censorship in China, where the risk of speaking out is extremely high. Letter from Masanjia is a tribute to the hundreds of thousands who have been persecuted and are wrongfully imprisoned to this day. It was Sun Yi’s wish that this film open people’s eyes to how the Chinese government truly treats its citizens.

The persecution of Falun Gong in China is one of the largest and most severe cases of human rights violations in the world. China honed brutal methods of brainwashing on the Falun Gong population such as forced labor, physical torture and organ harvesting and now appear to be using these tactics on the Uyghur Muslim population by the millions. The UN, human rights organizations, US Congress and many around the world are in an uproar and the situation continues to deteriorate. This means there has never been a more crucial time to act on this injustice. As we learned with Sun Yi’s SOS note, the Chinese Communist Party’s attitude towards dissidents can be affected through public pressure from outside of China.

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